I don’t like the word “superfood”. It implies there are some foods that are far more beneficial for your health than others. The reality is, less than 4% of Australians are eating the recommended amount of vegetables every day, and for those aged 18 years and younger this number drops


It’s something I do every week. Honestly, I’d be lost without it. It saves my sanity when my children start whinging at that critical 4pm “tired/cranky/hungry/I need attention/I want attention/I demand attention” time! The other really great benefit is that when I go to the shops I have

A topic which comes up a lot especially more so during the summer months is detox diets or “juice cleanses”.

The main problem I have with them are they are advertised as a “wonder product” that coerces people into thinking their body actually needs them to

It’s coming up to that time of year again. For some, this means enjoying good food and good company, but for others it can be wrought with anxiety and fear about how

Is intermittent fasting more effective for weight loss compared with daily kilojoule restriction?  It is a way of eating that has become more popular over the years.  While many religions have practised fasting for centuries, it is only recently that intermittent fasting has become a part of ‘dieting’ culture.  But