Our Mission

Hawthorn Health & Dietetics is passionate about helping you achieve your health and diet goals.

With many so-called “health experts” in the media circulating information, it can sometimes be challenging to determine the truth.  Therefore, our aim at Hawthorn Health & Dietetics is to provide you with evidence-based, quality nutrition advice that is personalised and tailored to your individual needs.

Our mission is to help improve your health and well-being by translating the science of nutrition into practical, every day recommendations needed to make life-long changes to your diet and lifestyle.  Let’s work together to find an eating plan that you actually enjoy and can last a lifetime.

We will assess and evaluate you regularly to review if programs are working for you.

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We provide Zoom and telephone consultations to those in inner and greater Melbourne, interstate and overseas. We provide face-to-face consultations in our Mulgrave rooms.