It’s coming up to that time of year again. For some, this means enjoying good food and good company, but for others it can be wrought with anxiety and fear about how to come out the other end feeling like you haven’t totally spun out of control.  So how can we
Is intermittent fasting more effective for weight loss compared with daily kilojoule restriction?  It is a way of eating that has become more popular over the years.  While many religions have practised fasting for centuries, it is only recently that intermittent fasting has become a part of ‘dieting’ culture.  But
Today marks the beginning of National Diabetes Week in Australia (9th-15th July). The theme this year is ‘Invisible Condition’, signifying that diabetes is often invisible. You can’t see if someone has diabetes, nor can you tell which type of diabetes they have. People with diabetes look just like everybody else.

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