Nutritional needs in pregnancy are increased due to the demands of the growing baby.  Our dietitians can help you achieve these increased requirements for iodine, iron and folate, whilst gaining a healthy amount of weight.  Food safety is crucial during pregnancy due to your higher risk of contracting food borne illnesses which can harm your baby.  Our dietitian can provide advice around foods considered unsafe for pregnancy and personalise alternative suggestions.

Our dietitians can also provide advice regarding gestational diabetes.  It is important to make an appointment to see our dietitians, as unchecked blood glucose levels can result in more complicated deliveries, miscarriage and even stillbirth.

Breastfeeding places additional demands on nutritional needs.  The early days of breastfeeding can be challenging for some women, and this along with fluctuating hormone levels and exhaustion can make this task even more challenging.  Our dietitians can help  ensure you are meeting your increased nutritional needs to maintain a good supply of milk, in a caring and compassionate manner.