Whether you are new to running, training for a marathon, or want to compete in your first triathlon or body competition, you will need to ensure you are eating the right foods to perform at your best.

Our Sports Dietitian, Aimee, can make sure you are meeting your specific nutrition requirements for your sporting and fitness goals.  She will provide you with all you need to know about nutrition during training, for competition day, during a competition, and importantly for recovery.

She has experience working with football players, basketball players, cyclists, as well as amateur athletes and those new to exercise.  She can provide advice for any level of fitness, and has experience working with children and adults.

Aimee is also trained in Anthropometry, and can therefore perform body composition analysis including %body fat, using skin-fold and girth measurements.  These techniques are used worldwide, by elite athletes as part of high performance teams, for their reliability and accuracy.

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