Sarah has undergone further training in paediatric nutrition at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Laura has extensive paediatric experience, working full-time at Monash Children’s Hospital.  They are both able assist in the management of food intolerance, IBS, and food allergies.  Laura also works with parents to provide strategies and advice for fussy eating, weight management, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and growth concerns.


Both Sarah and Laura are highly experienced in delivering the low FODMAP diet .  They can provide you with meal and snack suggestions as well as providing individualised and structured food challenges for your child.

In addition to consulting with children in her practice, Sarah also helps to facilitate various online support groups for people all over the world with IBS, including a support group for parents with children on the low FODMAP diet.


If your child has been diagnosed with a food allergy, our dietitian can work with you to provide advice on avoiding all necessary allergens whilst ensuring your child’s diet is nutritionally adequate.  It is critical that children undergoing any trial elimination diet have guidance from a paediatric dietitian who can ensure the child has suitable nutritional intake for appropriate growth and development and to avoid any deficiencies.


Foods contain many natural chemicals that can cause problems in sensitive people.  Chemicals that typically cause problems in people are salicylates, amines and glutamates.  Our dietitians are familiar with the Royal Prince Alfred Elimination diet and can guide you or your child through this process whilst still ensuring nutritional adequacy.


Fussy eating is one of the biggest concerns we hear from parents – “my child won’t eat meat” or “my child won’t eat green vegetables” are very real and common concerns.  It can cause all sorts of mealtime battles that disrupt family harmony, and can create tension within and between family relationships.  Our dietitians can work with you to provide strategies and advice that fits into your family lifestyle with the aim of making mealtimes enjoyable again for all, whilst ensuring nutritional adequacy of your child’s diet.


Growth charts are often a cause of concern for parents who might think their child is not growing ‘normally’.  Our dietitian has experience in interpreting these charts so if you have any concerns about your child’s growth please don’t hesitate to contact us.  If there are any concerns our dietitian can provide strategies to increase dietary intake.


There are some circumstances in which children are at higher risk of developing vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. These include children following vegetarian or vegan diets, children with gastrointestinal issues affecting nutrient absorption, fussy eaters, and children on elimination diets. We can ensure your child’s nutritional needs are met with whole foods where possible.


Discussing weight concerns is a delicate topic that must be approached sensitively.  Our dietitians approach these concerns with compassion and empathy, in a non-judgemental way.  Research shows that family-centred goals are the most effective in changing children’s attitudes and behaviours towards eating, and this is therefore one of the main areas our dietitian will work with you on.

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